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  • From our perspective, the summit was a positive experience. We are putting plans for follow up together now and will start on the process next week.

    US Solution Provider Pharma Summit 2010
  • I compliment the team from me Summits because things were organized and easy to follow. A few notes: The people with whom we met were exactly the type of client we have and want at Direct Success. So, Will, you and your team mates did a great job of learning enough about us to match the right prospects.

    Manufacturing COO Summit 2012
  • The facility was excellent for the event. I was happy that people could not find other entertainment because it politely forced them to be at the eventos planned.

    Corporate Learning & Talent Development Summit 2012
  • The event was very organized and we greatly appreciated the 30 minutes with prospective clients. It was not enough time to demand that we give away all the solutions but it was enough time for us to gather their needs.

    US Solution Provider Pharma Summit 2010
  • Each day our me Summits “team” made sure we were meeting with the right people and were continually in action-ready-mode. (As a company with meeting planners, I have great respect for the work this takes.)

    PharmaMarketing Summit 2011
  • We will keep you posted on our progress with the people we met. Thank you all at me Summits for the opportunity to participate.

    Water & Wastewater Management Summit

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