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Marcus Evans encourages business to conduct events that promote schooling and online scam prevention techniques. Regular updates help keep businesses current on the latest rip offs and how to keep away from them. The Marcus Evans scam prevention team maintains a list of net sites and upcoming conferences that can help you keep up with the latest and most pricey scams.

As part of the growing series of events marcus evans conferences have produced a range of events leading the fight against business criminality, schemes and fraud prevention.

Marcus Evans ripoff and scam prevention team plans to educate people in how to identify potential fraudulent activity and in turn to help to prevent online scams.

Hacks & ripoff scam have gone beyond the work of novice programmers looking to one-up their friends or criminals bringing sites down for a ransom. The modern hacker is part of organized crime, targeting sites, scamming millions of pounds from companies. At marcus evans they have compiled helpful links on sites that will higlight the increasing issue of online hoaxes, scams & fraud attempts. These ripoff prevention sites also include seminars that may be of interest. Although marcus evans summits & conferences have produced a series of marcus evans ripoff prevention conferences they also actively promote other companies whom have organised events to support & tell web users of the increasing dangers of scams & web based fraud.

marcus evans ripoff news will also frequently be updated, keeping you informed with new developments in ripoff prevention, aiding you in securing yourself and company against online crime.

Keep up to date by reading our press releases and latest reviews on our events and products and the latest on complaints and rip off reviews in business. Many of our marcus evans ripoff reviews on rip off complaints and event reviews are available online, here in our review and news area. You can find this large library of reviews and blogs reviewing business scam, ripoff reports, complaints and general event reviews here in our news hub

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"Interesting contents and greate networking."

05 July 2018

Talent & Culture Director

Latin HR Summit 2018

"Muy buena instancia para poder compartir enfoques y experiencias en materias de Riesgo Financiero en los distintos mercados, y como podemos aprovechar esta información en beneficio de los desafíos que actualmente tienen cada institución financiera."

04 July 2018

Subgerente de Riesgo Financiero

2a Edición Gestión de Liquidez

Very synchronized event to the challenges of the financial sector and emerging technologies."

02 July 2018


2ª Edición Transformación Digital en la Banca Minorista

"Me gustaron mucho el contenido de las conferencias, es un evento muy practico y experiencial. Muchas gracias"

29 June 2018

Banco Popular
Vicepresidente de Operaciones

2ª Edición Transformación Digital en la Banca Minorista

"Attending the HR Latin Summit 2018 was a great experience that every HR professional must experience.
The camaraderie of all participants was amazing and the willing to share our best practices is priceless."

27 June 2018

SSBCC México, S. DE R.L.
Director of Human Resources

Latin HR Summit 2018

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2a Edición Gestión de Liquidez (4)

2ª Edición Transformación Digital en la Banca Minorista (2)

3ra. Edición: Excelencia Estratégica en Compensación y Beneficios (4)

Excelencia en Control Interno 2018 (6)

Corporate Communications Leaders LATAM 2018 (4)

3ra. Edición de Innovación en Cash Management para Corporativos en LATAM (6)

Leadership Forum: Auditoría Interna LATAM 2017 (2)

Comunicación Interna LATAM 2017 (4)

Flexible Remuneration Strategies II (1)

Mantenimiento Industrial Y Gestión de Confiabilidad (1)

Transformación digital en la banca de consumo en LATAM (20)

Manejo estratégico de Contratos Industriales (10)

Foro de Atracción de Talento LATAM 2017 (3)

Corporate Communications Leaders LATAM 2017 (4)

Flexible Remuneration Strategies Forum (3)

2da. Edición de Innovación en Cash Management en LATAM (1)

Leadership Forum: Auditores Internos 2016 (11)

Gestión Estratégica de Contratos 2016 (15)

Excelencia en la Comunicación Corporativa (4)

Farma: Empaques y Etiquetado 2016-Diseño y Cumplimiento Regulatorio (3)

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